Welcome to Stonebridge Connection!

Welcome to our first Stonebridge Connection blog. We will be writing to you monthly on topics of interest to business families and their advisors. We hope this introduction will better acquaint you with our services and goals.

As family business consultants, our goal is to balance and support business prosperity, family harmony and personal well-being; creating a family business where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, the family communicates openly and honestly, and family and business members share a clear vision for the future.

At Stonebridge Connection we work toward sharing goals and providing complimentary services to CPAs, attorneys, bankers, financial planners, and other business professionals. By coordinating our efforts with those of our colleagues, we collectively provide the highest level of services to our mutual clients. We help professional advisors add value to their client relationships in two ways: as a resource to clients as family business consultants, as an educational resource to better understand family business complexities.

If you would like to learn more please e-mail us.


Look forward to next month’s blog: Don’t Let Divorce Devastate Your Family Business.  Thanks for joining us!

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