Marla and Leonard Chalnick

We are Marla and Leonard Chalnick, founders of Stonebridge Connection in Asheville, North Carolina.  We recognize that a family business is the sum of two indivisible parts – familial and financial. Events that impact one also affect the other.  A husband and wife team, we have combined our skills and expertise to help manage the dynamic – and often conflicting – relationships between business families and their family businesses.


Stonebridge Connection empowers business families to address the emotional issues that impact their family business decision-making.

Our goal is to balance and support business prosperity, family harmony, and personal well-being.

Do some of these events sound familiar to you?

  • The senior generation doesn’t have faith in the younger generation.
  • Critical information is locked in the CEO/Founder’s mind.
  • Family disputes get in the way of growing the business.
  • An unforeseen family crisis threatens the company’s stability.
  • Everyone dreads talking about ownership transition.
  • Conflict arises over the possible sale of the business.

Let us help you transition to a family business where:

  • Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • Your family communicates openly and honestly.
  • Family and business members share a clear vision of the future.
“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
— Yogi Berra