About Us

Stonebridge Connection is the combined experience and expertise of Marla Chalnick and Leonard Chalnick. We are located in Asheville, North Carolina.

We bring diverse experience and a unique perspective to your family business.

Our Guiding Principles are the foundation of Stonebridge Connection.

  • Building mutual trust is crucial.
  • Change can have a positive outcome.
  • The time is always right to improve family communications.
  • Confidentiality allows for a free exchange of information.
  • The insights and the opinions of all family members are valued.
  • It is our job to inspire our clients to action.

About Marla

After completing my Ph.D. and becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor I began a private practice working with individuals and families.  A turning point happened for me when I had the opportunity to counsel a family whose main concern was trying to persuade their aging dad to retire from a lucrative family business while it was still lucrative.

It was an eye-opening experience for all of us. Asking the right questions allowed the family to design a plan that redefined their dad’s role while preserving his dignity. This experience reinforced for me the powerful connection between family dynamics and the family business. It also demonstrated the resourcefulness of families when the environment is supportive of their efforts. Your family is most powerful when it has similar interests and works towards the same goals. To learn more about my counseling practice visit my website at http://www.marlachalnick.com.

About Leonard

Being an Attorney-CPA has afforded me the privilege of consulting with hundreds of family businesses. I have seen firsthand why some companies are successful while others have struggled, particularly during organizational changes in ownership, leadership and management. Along the way, my interest in human behavior in the workplace led me to complete a Masters degree in Organization Psychology.

Through valuing family businesses I’ve learned to appreciate the uniqueness of each closely held company. I recognize that the measure of a company’s true worth lies in its people and their commitments to working in harmony for the good of company’s future. By identifying financial and operational challenges facing your family enterprise, I can help you develop practical and timely solutions to meet those challenges. To learn more about my business valuation services visit my website at http://www.compassconsultingpa.com.

“People who share a common direction and sense of community
can get where they are going quicker and easier because
they are traveling on the thrust of one another.”
— Lessons From Geese by Milton Olson